It’s Just the Beginning…

But all that matters is that it has begun. With a passion to curate the best street food with the finest and cleanest ingredients, the Mak family is opening their menu with the world.

While cooking is a staple event in the Mak family, the love of sharing food within the household has become a craft of its own. It is through food and in the kitchen that ingredients are broken down, seasonings and spices are filtered to its purest forms, and the simplest layers of texture and taste bring out premium flavors for an exquisite food experience.

The Mak family don’t just throw down parties, they throw down feasts at every gathering- be it birthdays or life celebrations! The more the food, the more the reason to come on an empty stomach to a Mak event.  Born and raised by the generation of cooks before them, who refuged into America after the Vietnam War, a brotherhood of cooks grew up eating and dining the authentic flavors from traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Mien and Southeast Asian cuisine.  As the first generation of the Mak family lineage to grow up in Sacramento, Hong, his brother Minh, and brother-in-law Brian, came to love and appreciate the diversity of this wonderful city.  From dining in the heart of Sacramento’s finest restaurants to the heartiest cozy mom and pop hole-in-wall gems, these brothers also grew up in one of the largest immigrant-settled South Sacramento neighborhoods, learning to experience food and flavors woven in a community that is blessed by so many cultures.  The people of the Greater Sacramento community has inspired culinary extravagance for the Mak family, embarking ahead for true street food exposure.

With meals and recipes passed down from a multi-cultural kitchen of meals, each Mak family event menu merge far east flavors, tribal cooking, with good traditional American grill food for all to enjoy in the street food scene.  Immersed with passion and love, let the Mak kitchen offer you a unique experience that is anything but ordinary!  After years of hosting huge feasts and parties for friends and family, Hong, Minh, Brian, and the Mak family is excited to share their passion for cooking with you!

With quality in mind and love spewing from the Mak kitchen, you’re invited to grab a bite whenever our grill is on fire.