Welcome to the Mak Kitchen

Our love for food transpires across culture and time.  We are so excited to embark on a journey with you, introducing you to a line of our Mak sauces- curated with a depth of flavor and the wholesome goodness of a love for cooking.  

Our sauces are made from fresh ingredients, fine peppers and raw spices, cooked and bottled fresh before each round of distribution.  You’re not getting the old stuff here, you’re getting a sauce as raw as it gets.  No preservatives, no stabilizers, no fillers.  Just good pure ingredients because the sauce will not last long on your table.  It goes with just about any dish you make!

Think barbecue meets hot sauce, with a savory depth of good tangy acidity without it being all vinegar unlike the typical hot sauce.  Our customers love the flexibility of the taste, and we love that it is limitless to your vast menu options!

The Sauce

We perfected our hot sauces to give you the kick you want without the burn lingering around in your mouth. The heat in our sauces will enhance your food without overpowering the flavor of your dish.

Clean good ingredients, wholesome flavors, your true foodie experience is waiting- the Mak family takes great pride in preparing items from the freshest ingredients found locally and organically.  Our sauce and menu items will promise you a fun, delicious and memorable foodie experience. We work with local farmers and source from do-good, feel-good direct distributors to bring you a flavorful meal.

Special Events

Our changing menus are crafted by season.  Each item is carefully planned to pair well with our line of sauces, and each item is exclusively tasted, trialed, and perfected before it becomes a featured menu item for you!  Quality is our priority.

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| Mak & Grille

    positive review  Just tried it today and I have to say the sauces are awesome! The mild sauce has a nice sweetness to it for those that can't handle spicy all the way to the Mak-Daddy that I think is great with that nice little kick right away. A must try for sure.

    Ou Saephanh Avatar Ou Saephanh
    June 20, 2020

    positive review  Great sauce! I recommend the Makfire. It's not too sweet and just hot enough. I really enjoyed the chili, best homemade chili I've ever tried, lastly but not least the pork sausage in the bun, it was just so fresh and delicious!!

    Cynthia Rocha Avatar Cynthia Rocha
    March 10, 2020

    positive review  The sauce is addicting. I pretty much use it as a dip for everything: KFC, Thai sausages, chips, etc. My favorite is probably chicharrones!

    Tim Saelee Avatar Tim Saelee
    March 6, 2020